Ultrasounds are proving to be one of the most effective tools to fight abortion. The powerful images show expectant mothers exactly what’s inside that might be destroyed. And a new technology that shows video is especially astounding.

“You’re going to have pictures that make them look just as adorable as they do once they’re born. And once that starts happening within it’s going to become less and less and less popular, and you’re going to be able to restrict abortions to earlier and earlier and earlier,” Co-host Stu Burguiere said Friday on The Glenn Beck Program.

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A solid 80 precent of people think abortion at 20 weeks is a bad idea. In fact, the majority of Americans want more restrictions on mid- and late-term abortions.

“What’s going to defeat it, I think, is going to be technology. It’s not going to be people making arguments in the senate. It’s going to be people who are crushed by what they think they might have done before seeing videos like this,” Stu said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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