Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie on Friday said it’s becoming clear that hidden factions within the federal government are working to undermine the White House.

During a discussion about ousted national security advisor Michael Flynn, Massie questioned the true issue behind the controversy.

“If it was a crime to lie in (Washington), D.C., most people would be locked up,” Massie said. “It’s a crime to lie under oath, so my question would be, was (Flynn) under oath when he spoke to them.”

What’s more concerning, the lawmaker said, should be that intelligence officials are illegally leaking information about administration officials to the press.

“What we do know is that it was illegal for them — somebody at the FBI or the NSA to leak this information, (and) there should be an investigation there,” Massie said. “By the way, the NSA is a branch of the military, and what separates the United States from a banana republic is the fact that our president is above the military. If you’ve got the military, i.e., the NSA, undermining a presidency, that’s very troubling. That’s starting to look like a third-world country there.”

According to the lawmaker, the endgame is conflict with Russia.

“I do disagree with a lot of people here in Washington and maybe some supporters of Trump who say that this is an effort by the Obama administration to undermine the Trump administration — the carry-overs,” Massie said. “I”m worried it’s something deeper than that. I’m concerned that it’s an effort on those who want a provocation with Russia or other countries to sort of push the president in the direction. So I don’t think it’s Trump vs. Obama — I think it’s really the Deep State vs. the president, the duly elected president.”

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