Late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

‘Chappaquiddick kid’ off hook with college

Feb. 23, 2006: He was only 20 years old, but Paul Trost, a student at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Mass., was incensed over something that happened 17 years before he was born and he wasn’t about to let Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., begin his speech without reminding him.

“Remember Chappaquiddick!” he shouted, referring to the controversial drowing death of Kennedy passenger Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969.

It was the introduction of Kennedy given by Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., that set Trost off.

“Lynch said Kennedy had overcome such adversity to get to the place he was, and that’s a bunch of bull,” Trost said.

Despite warnings from campus police of disciplinary action, the college told WND, “The matter is now dropped.”

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