Footage captured by a drone flying over the coastal town of Ballina, New South Wales shows what many would consider their number one fear about wading into ocean waters.

In the video, a surfer is completely unaware that he is being stalked from behind by what is reportedly a great white shark. The unwary would be lunch for the shark luckily catches a wave and speeds away in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, another surfer sitting idly remains behind, which immediately attracts the attention of the water born beast. The shark creeps up on the surfer, who seems to notice the shark at the last second and begins to paddle away. Oddly, the shark suddenly shifts direction and swims away.

According to The Daily Telegraph, drones have been used by the state government to monitor and track sharks on the New South Wales beaches, due to no less than 11 shark attacks occurring in those waters since 2015, with one attack resulting in a fatality.



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