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Plain talk about Trump politics confuses liberals. Straight out decisive action is hard medicine for the touchy-feely generation that rolled out the red carpet for the Obamanation. A huge campaign of misinformation flows freely out of their transgender toilettes, and our kids will buy every word if not exposed to reality. This morning I was talking with a young black student and he told me President Trump wanted to send all the black people back to Africa. Where did that come from? And the boy had been fed this nonsense at school. He accepted this as gospel. You have to remember when you were in school. The teacher was the ultimate authority. I still wrestle with half truths and lies that I was fed in high school. How did Paul Simon put it? “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all!”

The student was also told that the proposed wall was “impossible.” I explained to him that the wall was but a part of the overall plan to stem the flow of unwelcome guests flowing across our spaghetti strainer border. Crossings are down forty percent as word filters back to Mexico that the welcome mat is now in the garbage and the word “ICE” on a jacket means exactly that! I, myself had to recently prove my citizenship in order to receive money at Walmart. All of these actions are spiritual bricks in the wall.

The ultra left shows its colors, and desperation when it tells students that President Trump wants to send all black people back to Africa. Even back in the sixties no one took that nonsense seriously. But, when you have liberal senators telling a press conference that the President can be impeached without charges, what do you expect? As we peel this onion the absurdity of the last eight years becomes more and more clear. Until his last hour in office Obama did everything he could to deconstruct America.

And the kids are growing up in Obama’s Bizarro world? They BELIEVE that boys are girls, borders should be user friendly, and Hillary is the direct defendant of the Virgin Mary herself! They listen to the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, and buy into every cockamamie idea she regurgitates. They have been told that the president can be removed from office by mob rule. They cheer on Black Lives Matter without ever realizing that by implication that means their lives DON’T matter. And I’m ashamed to admit it, but when students at the University of Texas, were asked if President Obama’s executive Order to suspend the Bill of Rights was a good idea they all agreed!

Obama sits in the Fürher Bunker trying to convince these kids that he is running a “shadow government.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, and Steiner is coming to the rescue! What you’ll see is this insanity will run out of gas. President Trump is going to return the nation to a steady course by simply being normal. The liberals are wondering why Wall Street rebounded. Because the communist left office, that’s why! People of wealth don’t like their government being headed up by a community organizer. They like walls, and jobs, and pretty daughters. THAT’S WHY!

Plain talk, sound decisions and action will make America Great Again. It’s been a long time since we saw that so it’ll take some getting used to. Some will never accept it, and will forever on The View expressing their “view.” First and foremost we must educate our children. They cannot be led to believe that Obama’s world was reality. I’ll tell you a reality I’d like to see. Didn’t Whoopi say she was moving to Canada? Just couldn’t leave that hog trough, huh baby?

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