Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, who was fired Saturday by President Donald Trump, tweeted Sunday that he now knows what the “Moreland Commission” felt like.

“By the way, now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like,” Bharara tweeted Sunday afternoon.

By the way, now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like.

— Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) March 12, 2017

Sunday’s tweet was Bharara’s first tweet since he announced via his Twitter account Saturday that he had been fired by the Trump administration. He was fired because he refused to submit his resignation, which was requested by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday. Sessions had requested the resignations from all 46 Obama-era federal attorneys.

Many interpreted Bharara’s tweet as a suggestion that he was investigating Trump or his administration for possible corruption.

The Moreland Commission was established in 2013 by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to investigate public corruption in New York and was headed by Bharara. But after the anticorruption investigative team turned their sights on possible corruption in Cuomo’s office, the New York governor shut down the commission in 2014.

Many believed Cuomo disbanded the commission because they were investigating him. Ultimately, Cuomo was not charged with any wrongdoing as a result of the commission’s investigations.

Bharara was asked as recently as last Wednesday to investigate Trump for potentially violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

The controversy surrounding Bharara heated up Friday when Sessions demanded the resignations of all 46 Obama holdover attorneys. Bharara, who had been promised by Trump during the transition that he would keep his post, refused to resign, which ultimately led to his dismissal.

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