Why Do We Need a Congress

Why do we need a congress, senate, or president when one federal judge can overturn the will of the people? No one in their right mind wants Muslim refugees pouring into the country. Well, maybe Whoopi Goldberg, and the cheering audience on “The View,” but news flash! The REST of the country got over our national PMS on November 8th. I guess the news hasn’t filtered out to California yet.

Back in the day if ONE American were killed by a foreigner we’d have bombed the host nation back into the Stone Age, which isn’t hard when you look at the condition of Syria, Iran, etc. Somehow over time we went from that to the foremost proponent of women’s rights, Hillary, donning a head scarf so as not to offend King Ali Babba from WhereEverStan! You remember her. You know. Her husband pain particular attention to women the entire time he was in office. !

Admit it, when you get on a flight, and there’s some dark skinned, bearded guy with a turban on, don’t you remotely consider dying? I do! I watch that guy until we land, and brothers and sisters, if he yells ANYTHING you will see that it is possible to unscrew someone’s head. “But Wilbur, what if he has a box cutter?” No, the word you’re looking for is “suppository.” I’m not falling 33,000 feet because some idiot doesn’t like pork chops or pretty girls”

So what’s this Hawaiian judge’s malfunction? He claims that president Trump’s travel ban would damage Hawaii’s tourist industry. ISIS hanging out on Waikiki! On what planet does THAT make sense? They don’t LIKE pretty girls, or wine coolers, or hot dogs. They DO like goats, but there aren’t any goats on the beach, and it’s hard to get a goat into a bikini.

Muslim refugees make our traditional wetbacks almost look like family. I addressed that issue in my article The Enemy Within. Ted pointed out to me that illegals streaming over the border were positioning themselves in key areas of our country, and in point of fact the invasion of America was already in force. With this newfound support coming from the bench it makes the cartels give me a “warm fuzzy!” Jesus Christ! At least they’re North Americans! Oh, Jesus? Our new protected species doesn’t like Him either.

The good news is President Trump is NOT going to take his foot off Mohammed’s throat anytime soon, and every time some Obama appointee blocks an executive order designed to protect us, we the PEOPLE get madder, and madder. When a refugee strikes again, and they will folks, that’s what they DO, the pot will boil over. Check out the numbers standing in line for up to ten hours yesterday in Nashville to see the president. I’d speculate that quite a few were nicknamed “Bubba!” There’s a message there Mohammed! What kind of woman wears a TENT to the supermarket? That in and of itself shows the absolute disrespect for our way of life. C’mon. This isn’t some kid wearing his pants low as he orders a McRib. This is a fanatic who wants to bury you daughter up to her neck, and beat her brains out with a rock because she wore a pair of Levis to school. Let’s get real, and until the court system returns to sanity let’s all make our guests as uncomfortable as we possibly can!

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