Behold the Wire

Behold the wire! “Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.” This is the official statement from the spokesman for Obama in response to President Trump’s assertion that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the presidential campaign. Now, ask yourself, in eight years, with all the intricacies of government management, turnover, security concerns and HILLARY around there, what kind of idiot would make a blanket statement like that? These are the same people who gave Hillary the questions during the debates in advance, the same people who chased Snowden out of the country for telling us they were doing EXACTLY what they just said they never did, and the same guy who told us if we liked our doctor, we can keep our doctor!

Anyone with a shred of common sense will realize that with all the manipulation of the truth, not to mention the fact that Hillary was losing her butt during the campaign, in stark contrast to what the “cooked” polls were saying, that there simply HAS to be a wire SOMEWHERE. Trump is not going to put this down. That’s because he knows that we’re not just talking about a wire here but a virtual labyrinth of surveillance techniques, virtual being the key word here, employed by the government to listen to anyone in the world from hard wired connections all the way down to some gumshoe with a pair of binoculars reading lips. Do you think that guy regurgitating that official statement for Obama may want to rethink it?

We’ve all adjusted to the NSA lurking everywhere, recording everything from the last high level Mafia meeting to Aunt Edna’s secret cookie recipe, so for someone saying something like that seems just a tad naïve. So, do the math. If we can agree that practically every person was surveilled, and Donald Trump is a person living in the country, doesn’t it stand to reason that somewhere, sometime, he was tapped, no matter WHO issued the order? Thomas More, in his defense before the court of King Henry VIII, reasoned that if someone did something, and someone observed the action, doing nothing about it, one could only surmise that the observer agreed with said action. Obama didn’t shut down the surveillance of American citizens, ergo he agreed! Point made?

One thing you can count on is that President Trump will continue to drill down on this until he strikes oil. The results of this find is up in the air. In former days we had a Secretary of State who used her insecure server to email top secrets, and sold uranium to the Russians, but there is a new sheriff in town. The mood of the nation is different now, also, no matter what George Soros’ non-voting professional protesters think. I don’t think Obama will go to jail, but if Trump’s claims are substantiated it will mean one less brick in the already crumbling wall of Obama’s credibility, and yet another reason for Americans to be suspicious of the actions of his office over the last eight years.

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