With the failure of the Health Bill we must consider a very real possibility, The Paul Ryan Presidency. It’s unprecedented. Never happened before. It’s like the Maytag Repaiman, a redundant, irrelevant factoid. The speaker of the house would become the next president following the Vice President in the succession of the POTUS. You know, like what almost happened when Agnew resigned? And yet if you open your browser and type in the words “ has the speaker of the house “; right away what pops up, is “become president”. Marco!…..Polo! That’s not because google is giving you civics hints guys. Google uses an impressive, but narrow approach to ranking sentence completion phrases. You can read all about it in googles rules for search engine optimization. Yawn. Anyway, for the slower of foot, my point is, a lot of people have been asking that question a lot lately.

Ok, let’s start from scratch; what facts do we have? Quick answer, who knows? Let’s just say that if there is a pot load of horse hockey laying around, that usually means there’s a pony in the near vicinity, but, nobody’s seen THIS pony yet. Well, ok, nobody has produced good quality video of a pony yet. What we see in the blurry image of innumerable alternate realities could be…well, Bigfoot, crashing clumsily through dense forest. So, to be clear, I do not intend to go with multiple choice facts, and shall instead, fill in the equation with variables of logic, logic being true, and unalterable I should think the foundation for discussing a Paul Ryan Presidency should be argued from a solid foundation.

Alright let’s map the equation interactively, shall we? Before we can determine the worth of spending effort to consider a Ryan Presidency, we must ask why? Has the president become unviable? What conditions exist that make it necessary to replace him? Surely not scandal! Why he doesn’t own a string of hotels named Scandals I’ll never know. So, no, you could sooner shame two dogs locked in coitus apart than embarrass that man for doing whatever he finds it necessary to do. The end to his tale will be whichever end justifies the means.

Huh! Facts can’t be made to add up to truth, simple disgrace has no effect whatever…what could it be that’s making millions of people look into the presidential succession act. How about this: North Korea starts building a missile that could land a nuke on us or our allies. President Trump tells Kim Jong WHOMEVER to cease building the missile, or else. Would that be the same “or else” that he gave congress should they be unwilling to pass the horrific health system proposal, ( the one ending the bans on lifetime caps for health care use circa Germany 1947. Saved the Reich a ton.) I heard maybe direct negotiation with insurance companies to end payment for unnecessary provisions, like hospital care, mammograms, and, of course, mental illness, which neatly lops off the expense of taking care of the ever increasing number of Alzheimer’s patients from the people with the most to lose well, of course I mean money!
Ok, so maybe lots of people, not you of course, are thinking that, best case scenario, the president needs a little time to get his bearings. Or, worst case scenario, we hired a plumber to defend us in a murder trial because he wasn’t part of the corrupt, inept criminal justice system maybe?

I’m reminded of the Reagan campaign I was a big part of in my county. I became precinct chairman that year. After that election my wife and I drank too much champagne, and wound up canoodling most of the night. We were flushed with youth, and we were victorious. A few months later, in the midst of the airline traffic controllers union battle, I heard my hero, my president say, “I’m going to put the working man in his place”. I turned to my wife and said, that’s me he’s talking about. Sure enough the whole time that likeable guy was president, he undermined my pathway to the American dream. I guess you could say he did me a favor, you know, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Of course Polio didn’t kill me either, but I didn’t get it on purpose. I’m….careful now in what I put my hope, but I’m not cynical. Still, hope for the best and plan for the worst still seems solid advice to me. So, Paul Ryan? Someone with experience and leadership ability? From a liberal, no less. Of course, to get to The Paul Ryan Presidency  we must first examine the Vice President. So, shall we do that together next week?

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