Syrians are no doubt happy that President Donald Trump took decisive action against the Assad regime in Syria last week.

One Syrian, who fled the country amid its ongoing civil war in 2011 at the age of 17, explained on “Fox and Friends” over the weekend exactly how he felt after Trump decided to push back against Assad after years of inaction by former President Barack Obama.

“Finally, after six years, President Trump made a real red line to Bashar al-Assad,” Mostafa Hassoun, who has lived in the U.S. since 2015, said Saturday.

“I’m so happy now, I’m so glad he did that,” Hassoun explained.

When asked how he felt when Obama failed to make good on his “red line” policy — where Obama promised in 2012 military action against the Assad regime if they used chemical weapons against their own people — Hassoun said he was “so sad.”

“When Obama said he will make Assad stop [using chemical weapons] and he gave him a fake red line, Bashar al-Assad started to kill people again and again and again,” Hassoun said.

“But Mr. Donald Trump, he started to show Assad the real America,” he added.

Hassoun explained that everyone he knows still living in Syria was extremely happy over Trump’s decision to attack an Assad-controlled airbase with 59 tomahawk missiles. That airbase, in western Syria, had just been used days earlier by Assad to drop chemical weapons on Syrians in a nearby rebel-held city.

“I wish Mr. Donald Trump would continue doing that to kick Assad out,” Hassoun said.

Later in the interview, Hassoun explained that he, and most other Syrian refugees, just want Assad kicked out of power so that he and the millions of others displaced by the brutal civil war can go back to their homeland.

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