When the Democrats protest a tax cut, it is like Br’er Rabbit saying “Don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

Historically, a tax rate cut does often produce a tax *increase*, because gross revenue rises.  But, it has never risen to the point a surplus to pay back the debt is created.  The fake “increase” in economic activity, based on the borrowed “tax cut” money, deflates the value of everyone’s existing dollar.   Just like printing more stocks for one company only devalues existing shares.

The borrowed money for the tax cut increases fascist-leaning gov’t dominance over the economy.  Tax rate cuts reinforce the guaranteed-fake claim the gov’t “caused” the economy to grow.  This is because the GDP equation promotes this fake claim of deficit spending:  Deficit spending is counted in the equation as real growth.  It should not be counted at all.

A tax cut only empowers and enriches those getting benefits and the federal government. The federal government dominates spending in education, medicine, health, media, health insurance, banking, finance, and pharmaceuticals. Through deficit spending, the government expands its dominance in all these markets and we become more fascist every day.

Everyone else loses – that’s why the democrats were ok with W’s tax rate cut, Reagan’s tax rate cut, and Clinton’s tax rate cut.


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