ANTIFA is not something new, it’s something that has come of age. In 2008, when Barack Obama took office a lot of these kids were say, around twelve years old. Now they’re around twenty, and have absolutely no idea what America is about. In fact, they are the ultimate vocalization of the blasphemy that was the Obama administration. A political Frankenstein straight from the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany, bent on erasing history so they can repeat it THEIR way!
These intolerant, angry, ill informed individuals are the kind of movement that can wreck havoc on the political scene purely by the insanity that drives their cause. ANTIFA doesn’t focus. They hate everything traditionally American from our flag to mom’s apple pie, and they don’t make a secret out of it. I watched several ANTIFA marches and from their attacks on cameras, their language, and open, frank declarations against private property, tolerance and white people I could only see a group using the very same tactics they claim to distain.

Patriot groups are rising up. The victory of Donald Trump has emboldened the silent majority, but it realizes that victory must be maintained, and groups like ANTIFA know no better that what Obama taught them. They think he’s normal! There’s no fixing these kids. They’re lost. Their formative years were perverted by ideas, and theories designed to bring down America. In the end their handlers will provide them with “special treatment” as did the Nazis did with cooperating Jews. Special treatment . . . Decent burial!

We must hold the line. We must crush ANTIFA. We must raise a new generation to replace them. A generation schooled in history, good and bad, Martin Luther Kind AND General Robert E. Lee. They need to study the Civil war AND the Civil Rights Movement. Ronald Reagan AND Watergate, and they need to study the boondoggles of the Black Panthers AND the Ku Klux Klan, because THAT’S where ANTIFA is headed for! Their movement will have no more effect on history than the Green Flag rebellion in Texas well before the Texas revolution. I truly believe this time, the patriot response to this kind of perversion will be quick, and it will be terrible! God rest their souls!

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