ProblimoProblimo. There’s a word Donald Trump is going to understand completely in his next hundred days. I actually had to take an online class and read before writing this article. I do that on occasion, not often, so don’t get worried. Yesterday the president took to Twitter and wrote, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Now here’s the question. The conservatives are thinking Mr. Trump may have been recorded by someone visiting the White House, but more liberal minds take such a statement to imply that Trump routinely records things, and just isn’t quite sure if the conversations with Comey were included, especially since it was during a dinner.
You see, Nixon recorded in the Oval Office, but generally left the breakfast table alone. Otherwise we’d have had a tape of him saying, “Pat, would you pass the #%£¥#%£ ketchup?” See my point? Trump presents himself as a master negotiator, so it will be interesting to see him “negotiate” these waters. That was such a misstep it even made Whoopi Goldberg make sense, and that’s as crazy as inviting Hitler to a Bar-Mitzvah!
Now, let talk about the textbook way you remove someone like James Comey from power. In the “Apprentice” Trump became well known for uttering, “You’re FIRED!” Hey, I liked it. The televised image of some self assured, wise cracking kid getting the sack, and leaving a slimy trail as he drags his suitcase out of the hotel. Priceless! Well, that ain’t the way it’s done in Devil City. It’s all about careers, saving face and perpetuating the illusion that the employees therein are something more than the rest of us, so you have a certain protocol. Now, if you or I show up fifteen minutes late we get our butts fired off. Security walks us to the door with all our possibles in a cardboard box. In Comey’s world you get a phone call requesting that you submit your resignation. You’ve all seen it. All the cabinet members, the directors and sometimes even the cooks submit their papers when a new president comes in.
Now, before you think I’m a Comey defender I want you to know that he’s a jerk off. Yeah, that just about covers it. This guy led the FBI so well that a fifty year old school teach picked up one of his students, comely lass that she was, but she was fifteen, traversed the nation, and got caught in California by a hippy while Comey comed the White House kitchen for Russian dressing! I feel so served and protected. This rocket scientist said that in six hundred and fifty thousand emails, even though he’d found some classified stuff, that no charges would be filed, filling in for the attorney general by the way, and then was stupid enough to reOPEN the whole mess only to come back a couple days later to tell everyone there was nothing to see, just move along. He chased down that rabbit hole because that Wiener guy was trading little girl porn with Hillary’s staff and during the conversation they kinda sent some of our security codes, or something like that. Yeah, THAT guy!
But Trump has a problimo in that the Democrats are gonna eat him up on this one. I remember when Nixon went down. First he recorded conversations, Dean puked that up before the Watergate committee, and then he fired Cox. Next thing we saw was him waving buh bye from the presidential helicopter. You can’t make this up folks. The only way he can salvage this is full support of the ongoing Russian investigation and then showing the American people the tab they paid for this Tom Foolery. Now, I personally think it’s a crock, but if, as I believe, Trump had nothing to do with it, he should go ahead and push it to the max just to show how honest he really is, because if he doesn’t, he’s gonna get that helicopter ride. Oh, and it will help if he tweets the same thing he’s telling Spicer to say to reporters. Problimo!

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