It’s Not About Statues
Right here, right here in America, we fought a war, not between the states;,although it has been called such, but a war between American citizens who became divided by ideology. People in the south, and people in the north felt that states had the right to follow their own rules and laws when they were at odds with those laws adopted constitutionally by the union. The union is not the northern states, The union is just what its name implies, our unified nation. America the beautiful. The secessionists lost that war. While it may be accurate to say that the unionists prevailed, it was a Pyrrhic victory. The losses included not just property and lives on a scale pretty much unimaginable, but it left a nation still divided; a division that lasts today. I guess the Liberty Bell and its crack stand as a cautionary prophecy. Will we, as previous generations, allow this division, this crack in the instrument through which freedom rings to remain unchanged?
Now there come among us those who wish to remove all evidence of this war. As if taking down confederate monuments will heal the nation. And, there are many who will resist. Rallies will be held to prevent the removal of these monuments. What right do people have to remove the reminders to America of our folly? Why should my children and theirs be denied the right that all citizens have to be reminded of their pasts? And, for that matter, what right have we to take down monuments to the bravery and deprivation experienced by those who suffered the greatest losses? I hear no cries from those who wish to take down statues of Abraham Lincoln! Where is the appetite for demolishing statues of General Sherman, or then General Grant? This is anti-liberal. Persons from MOAR, an acronym for the mother of all rallies, a series of rallies, MAGA, for make America great again, and others will be Conducting rallies throughout the summer. Most of these rallies are intended to show support for President Trump, or one or another republican candidate running in the area; but we must be aware of the fact that many of these rallies will be held in places where confederate treasures are threatened by a most unliberal force. Where this is being done, there is sure to be a backlash from forces claiming to be liberal (oh yes, my liberal brothers and sisters, we have a lot of house cleaning to do ourselves). Violence could occur. Almost certainly it will, to the great rejoicing of those who have preserved this divide in our citizenry, and will stop at nothing to make sure that we can never ring that bell of freedom again.

To all right thinking liberals I implore you, I beg you, do show up in Gettysburg, and the other places that monuments of the confederacy are being held, but do so with flowers in your hands to honor the dead of both sides of those terrible battles. Let those present bear witness to our respect for their fight to keep a visible presence of their history.

people of the south are entitled to their grief, and yes, their pride. The descendants of the fallen are entitled to the courage left to them as a legacy of the dead. The American union is stronger for it, and weaker for the use of the whip and the boot. Read your Homer on the savagery of Troy; see if his advice is not persuasive. Long live the union! May it ever be merciful, and by the grace of God, may it be healed.

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