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The Facebook Myth

During my morning check of numbers I saw some statistics that were quite sobering. The reads in the trade papers have ballooned in spite of our Facebook presence being this one rather civilized page.

Facebook has made a lot of hay perpetuating the illusion that if one does not pay tribute to the God of Zuckerberg correctness you will sink into Facebook anonymity, never to be heard from again. Indeed, this power has been seized upon by self righteous hate groups who hold fame and Facebook fortune over heads like a cyber sword of Damocles. This is all a myth and outright lie!

There is a whole world out there full of sites and people serving death and destruction to the Facebook empire. As Facebook tries to influence free speech, political thought, sexual choice and even family these counter sites welcome the Army of the Dead with open arms.

Facebook has become a drug. We don’t like it, we don’t get the same feeling we did the first time we used it, but we can’t live without it and think there’s no world without it. Combine that with the range of psychotics there ranging from so-called patriot groups to free ranging FemiNazis, angry with every man who ever touched them and you have a rather stout Facebook STD.

When I landed in Facebook jail this time I took the cure. Rather that sweating out my incarceration I went to work and this morning I saw that the numbers grew far beyond anything Facebook had ever generated. Reads! Real reads, not just “likes” from some lesbian up in Philly, still passed off because she thought she was a Facebook superstar and the reality of her psychosis crashed in on her. Reads from people who took the time to seek me out and there wasn’t just a “like” button to insinuate a read from some illiterate somewhere in the obscurity of the Facebook jungle.

I’m free of the drug. I didn’t spend the morning worrying about what someone wrote about me last night after their crack ran out or the insane utterances of some carnival barker in New Jersey trying to pimp his daughter or some woman ranting for hours because she was snubbed by a Facebook romance. I spent my morning counting real reads from real people with real lives. And it was glorious!

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