The story of Charlie Gard is a heartwrenching and tragic tale of what socialzed medicince has to offer. Matt Walsh is a Blaze contributor and author of the article that shed light on this story in America on an issue that has divided England for months and he joined Glenn on radio Thursday to dig a little deeper on the issues.

Slate has written an article, ‘the right is turning the Charlie Gard tragedy into a case against single-payer health care. It’s just the opposite.’ That’s their headline. First of all, is this not a case against single-payer health care?” Glenn asked.

This should be a simple and easy case to resolve but this is the huge pitfall of single payer healthcare.

“This is a very basic, no-brainer case, that the parents should be able to go get treatment for the child, period. There’s no other way of looking at it. There’s no other way that a sane person can look at it. But, second, that’s the whole point. This is what we’re trying to avoid, this idea of weighing the one against the many. It’s health care, it’s not supposed to be that way. We don’t look at Charlie Gard and say, ‘Well, let’s weigh him against 1,000 people,’” Walsh said.

“He is one individual. Every life is of infinite value. And that’s how all those lives — all of them should be treated when they’re in the hospital. Certainly, parents should have the right to treat their own children’s lives that way.”

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