When you have cancer, you have cancer all over. That’s one reason standard cancer treatments in orthodox medicine — the “poison, burn and cut” technique — fail so often.

This is not medical therapy. Cancer is an industry for profit. It is not designed to cure you!  If it was, orthodox doctors would spend more time teaching proper nutrition and supplements to help build up your natural immunity and less time pushing their chemical and radiological poisons.

If you pay attention to the words they use, it is always about “treatment” and “survival rate” and how many years you might live after diagnosis. Many types of cancer treatments including various drugs can, in fact, cause cancer or make it worse! https://personalliberty.com/chemo-makes-cancer-worse/

Cancer can manifest in any way and in several ways, but it is a disorder of cell growth from a default in biochemistry.

As we told you a few weeks ago, new research on cancer treatments is focusing on the immune system. Experimental treatments using immune system cells to battle tumors show promise.

It’s long been our position that the body’s immune system is the true cancer fighter. Any boost that helps the immune system battle mutated cancer cells is good for optimum health.

Now two more studies are out that claim to show a vaccine can be successfully made to battle a type of cancer —  advanced stage melanoma — by ramping up the body’s natural immune response through the use of directed T cells (a type of cell that fights infection). But both remain very early in their trials and the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

As Axios.com reports, in the U.S. study, scientists selected six people to receive a vaccine to target neonantigen proteins that are present in mutated cancer cells but not in normal cells. The team removed the patients’ tumors, sequenced tumor and normal cells, selected up to 20 mutations per person, and made the peptides to put into the vaccine. The vaccines, which were started an average of 18 weeks after the surgery, were injected under the skin at four sites, five times over three weeks, plus two booster shots later.

Four of the six who received the vaccine saw their cancer disappear and not recur. The other two saw their cancers spread. They received an additional treatment to suppress a protein that blocks T cells and saw their tumors disappear.

In a similar study in England on 13 people, eight had their tumors disappear and five saw their tumors disappear but return. Of the five, two died, two received an additional treatment to suppress the protein that blocks T cells — one successfully, and one developed a tumor mutation making it unresponsive to the vaccine.

In short, this experimental treatment has been used on 19 people to date and 14 saw positive results. So it’s still a long way from being available.

Meantime, you can take steps to help keep yourself cancer-free by understanding its root cause. Almost all cancer is environmental (as much as 90 percent environmental), according to a study at Stony Brook University in New York. That means the cell-growth disorder is prompted and spurred on by environmental and external factors. These include excess sun exposure, smoking, drinking and air pollution. It also includes genetically modified foods, steroids and antibiotics pumped into our livestock and poultry, and pesticides and weed killers sprayed on our crops. It includes a host of chemicals introduced to our foods during production and in packaging.

So if most cancers are a result of external factors, most cancers can be avoided and/or cured by overcoming those factors.

Whole body health has to be re-established. Diet and lifestyle changes are needed. But the mainstream has stolen those words and convinced you that its diets, foods and exercise plans are proper. Beware!

The proper diet for cancer is the proper diet for heart disease — and for good health in general. Nothing could be simpler.

Here goes: This is basic. It’s not all-inclusive, but it’s adequate and certainly a good start. It will add years to your life through disease prevention!

Foods first

Here’s what you need to do to have a healthy diet:

  • Leave off all simple carbohydrates.
  • Eat as much raw food and juice as possible. I eat sprouts every day.
  • Do not get on a low-fat diet unless you want bad health.
  • Cook with and eat organic coconut oil and olive oil; no hydrogenated oils or fats.
  • Do not eat or drink anything with fructose (the new name for high fructose corn syrup). This is synthetic sugar that creates weight and disease. And it destroys the liver and pancreas.
  • Avoid trans-fatty acids. These are fake fats that you will see in cheap, grain-based foods, like crackers, cakes, bread, prepared foods, etc. Scan the label for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated.”
  • No artificial sweeteners. Use natural stevia or honey, which are natural sweeteners.
  • Eat wild meat instead of growth-hormone meat, if you can get it. Alternatively, choose only organic, free-range meat that has not been pumped full of antibiotics and steroids.
  • Avoid synthetic vitamins, and that’s 98 percent of all vitamins for sale.
  • Do eat whole food complexes to get live foods that generate and regenerate life processes.
  • Add more dark leafy greens to your diet, particularly kale.

Everyone who has cancer dies of starvation, unless he is first killed by his doctor and his treatment. There is even a term for death by medical treatment: “iatrogenic death,” which is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

The cancer victim does not have to be a party to his own plunder and murder. Mass deception is when a person or a society can be deceived into active participation in his own rape or murder. Such is a testimony to today’s propaganda in medicine, in politics, in government, and in economic and financial chicanery.

One must treat his own cancer, as he is the only one who can. This is called taking responsibility for one’s own health: a do-it-yourself program.

The cancer victim wants someone else to do it for him. Only those who do self-treatment are the ones who survive. You can defeat cancer if you catch it early enough and if you make significant lifestyle changes.

To learn how you can naturally boost your cancer-fighting T cells you can get my free book, The Forbidden Truth About Cancer, by clicking here.

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