From seed packet labels to fruit crate logos, vintage food labels lend themselves to a variety of kitchen decor projects. Simple to craft and colorful to display, food art labels add charm, history, and timeless artwork to any kitchen, from chic and modern decor to folk art or fifties-era fixtures.

From items large and small, vintage-inspired objects for kitchen decor are crafted by hand using easy techniques. Each project is open to creative interpretation, making it flexible for any kitchen’s decor.

Finding Vintage Food Art

Food labels from the turn of the nineteenth century all the way through the fifties showcased creative names and colorful artwork, from “Morning Judge” orange juice to “Bull Terrier” instant coffee. Whimsy and artistic talent wove advertisements and product artwork that today commands high prices on the collectibles market.

Public domain food art and advertisements are fair game for crafters and decorators in search of classic vintage designs for kitchen decor. Many are available through public domain clip art sites that offer thematic images, such as Karen’s Whimsy’s copyright-free page or the Vintage Holiday Crafts blog.

For high-quality images ready for print, many artists may prefer to purchase the images in bulk through clip art files offered by Dover Publications and other public domain publishing services. The artwork can be resized and printed on sturdy card stock or computer paper for use in a variety of crafts and decorative kitchen projects.

Canister Labels

Vintage canisters are one of the most coveted kitchen collectibles on the market. Many great vintage designs are unavailable in canister form, making these creations one-of-a-kind in the kitchen. Print the labels in the desired size and cut them out; affix them to the outside of the jar using a layer of glue on the back.

Cut to label size a plastic contact sheet with adhesive backing to cover and protect the labels from water damage. Use the same technique to decorate plain kitchen canisters in tin or metal, as well as old canning or product jars.

Decoupage Designs

Create a wooden sign or plaque for the kitchen using simple decoupage techniques and printed vintage images. Mix and match a range of subjects and sizes or affix a single image to the surface to create a sturdy poster featuring a large vintage motif.

Use vintage food clip art, silhouettes, and other mini public domain images to decorate a painted wood surface to create a primitive sign. Add a chic message or unique advertising slogan using alphabet stencils; sets of letters are available in a range of sizes and fonts reasonably priced for crafters.

Magnets and Posters

With digital clip art images available for craft use, artists can print high-quality images in a range of sizes. Sandwich miniature designs between sheets of contact paper and glue or laminate, then cut out and affix to a magnet backing for decorating a refrigerator surface. Print poster-sized versions to frame as artwork for kitchen walls and cabinets.

Vintage food images cover the landscape of products, eras, and food choices, ensuring that anyone can find a motif to fit their kitchen’s decor. The images are right at home in the most modern environments and traditional decor, adding a touch of character and color wherever on display.

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